Easy Knit Poncho – Free Pattern

Easy Knit Poncho – Free Pattern

Knit Poncho – Free Pattern | leave it to Joy

I wanted a poncho… who doesn’t want to participate in this cute trend? And I knew I could knit one but I couldn’t find a free pattern anywhere. So I took the little I knew, and I invented one.

So world, here is a free poncho pattern – if we can call it a pattern. This pattern uses 2 stitches a knit stitch and yarn over. I also used the slip edge technique, adding a stitch and 3-needle bind off.


Here it is laying out, you can really see the simplicity. I accidentally on purpose made one triangle bigger than the other. It’s actually perfect, have a little extra coverage for my derrière.


Cast on 4 using US 11 8mm needles.
Knit 3 rows of straight stocking stitch adding a stitch at the second stitch and the second last stitch.

K2 yarn over (YO) Knit 2 together (K2tog) *YO K2tog* repeat to the end of the row only adding as many as you can remove. Slip last stitch.
K 2 rows adding a stitch in the second stitch and the second last stitch.

Repeat those 3 rows 3 or 4 times.

Continue the three row pattern only adding one stitch each K row instead of two until the triangle is big enough to cover your torso. (I went until 96 stitches.) Knit a nice edge to finish it off and make a pretty collar, I did 5 rows of stocking stitch to get the edge below.

poncho collar

Knit a second triangle.

When you have two triangles tie them together with some scrap yarn where you want the neck to start and stop. Then pick up stitches over an arm and then 3-needle bind off them together. Below you can see my 3-needle bind off on a shoulder it looks quite good.

poncho arm

And then repeat on the other side… and Ta Da a poncho! I already had needles and this yarn only cost me $9.00 CAD… NINE DOLLARS! and I have leftovers. I used the same 8 mm needles that I used for my Two-Tone Infinity Scarf.


It was not complicated, I bet you can do it too.

9 thoughts on “Easy Knit Poncho – Free Pattern

    1. Hi Stacy, I just used an acrylic from Walmart. It’s the really super large ball that’s $9.00. I didn’t want to use anything too expensive since I was really just experimenting. Is that helpful? I looked and I don’t have the label anymore. 😦 Sorry!


  1. I tried on a knit poncho recently and I’m not a poncho person, but you actually have me considering it with this pattern. I like how it is open on the sides compared to the one I tried on. Thank you for sharing this. 😊


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