Two-Tone Cowl Infinity Scarf

Two-Tone Cowl Infinity Scarf

Two Tone Cowl Infinity ScarfThis is my favourite scarf. It’s my everyday, it’s not that cold out scarf …and I MADE IT!

In this scarf I learnt the “knit 1 below” (k1b) stitch and I absolutely love the look of it. Even thought I’m knitting horizontal lines the k1b makes vertical lines in the knit. Essentially, you perform the same knit stitch as you would when performing the stocking stitch, but you do so into the loop below the knit on the needle. This was a perfect next step stitch to learn as a new knitter, it was simple and added to what I already knew.

I used 8 mm (size 11 US) needles and cheap red heart yarn. The total cost of this scarf was about $5.00 CAD (because I already had needles, maybe $15 if you don’t have needles).

Below you can see a seamless transition between the blue and grey. I did a basic transition, as if I was transitioning to the same colour. I am so proud of myself for this one! Go me!

Two-Tone Cowl Infinity Scarf | leave it to Joy

I also used a 3-needle bind off to make a clean exit, you can see the seam below. It’s actually a lot easier to see with the two colours. This was the first time I used a 3-needle bid off and I now use it for everything; its clean, precise and beautiful.

Two-Tone Cowl Infinity Scarf | leave it to Joy

Now, I must shamefully confess that I have not blocked this scarf. I know – every experienced knitter out there just cringed. But does it need it? Let me know if you think it does.

I also made a matching flower headband for this scarf that matches… post to follow soon.

Hope you are inspired by my creation – it only took me about 6 hours start to finish. If I can do it, you can!

Two-Tone Cowl Infinity Scarf | leave it to Joy

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