WIP Wednesday: Girl’s Smocked Tunic

WIP Wednesday, Tunic, Knit,

I started this project a while back, and have been scared to work on it. It’s my first piece of clothing!  It’s worked flat so it should be easier, right? but I’m still nervous. I have only recently mastered working a hat in the round, can I really make a tunic? Sleeves and a little back slit? So far, so good! Continue reading


Newborn Snowflake Beanie: Free Pattern

two tone knitting, knit, snowflake, newborn

I have fallen in love with two tone knitting, and I love knitting baby stuff. You make progress so quickly, and seeing it take shape feels so rewarding. I did this one and it ended up being a lot smaller than I expected. Its only going to be good for a newborn.

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Easy Baby Beanie / Toque Tutorial with Pattern

Easy Baby Beanie Tutorial with Pattern | leave it to Joy
I accidentally made a Easy Baby Beanie pattern from Ravelry into a medium difficulty, but I love the enhancements, and it goes by so quick! It’s a great little gift for all the winter babes coming this year.

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Grandma’s Dishcloth: Learning What I Do Wrong Knitting

dish cloth, knitting pattern, tutorial, ssk, k2tog, knitting, knit

Well another first for me, my first dishcloth. I know it seems like a real rookie project, but I needed a break from the tiny yarn, and tiny needles that I’m using for my baby hats I’m producing for all the winter babes coming this Christmas.

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Knit Baby Hat: First Hat!


It’s a baby hat, It’s adorable – I know! It was also quite a journey to get here, let me tell you how I made this easy pattern overly complicated, and almost quit.

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DIY Knit Scrunch Headband

headband, knit, scrunch, matching, grey, pinkI’ve been working on this headband to match my Coral Vertical Strip Cowl Scarf for way too long. I know I could have finished it up  a long time ago but for whatever reason I keep getting distracted, until this week. TA DA! and I LOVE IT! I want to make another one. Too bad its spring and I don’t really need to wear them anymore, *sigh*. Alas I have a decent headband, ready for next year.

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WIP Wednesday: Scrunch Headband

headband, knit, 3-needle bindoff, grey, pink, coral, wool

I’m working on this headband to match my Coral Vertical Strip Cowl Scarf. I know I could finish it up in a matter of minutes but for whatever reason I keep getting distracted, until today. Today I’m going to finish it!

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