DIY Over the Door Laundry Hamper for $3

DIY, Laundry, Hamper, Bag, Hook

Way back in the day one of my room mates had a hanging laundry basket. I wanted one for my littles room but I could not find one anywhere. One day I had an amazing idea, which in itself is amazing, I never have spontaneous ideas.  Continue reading


DIY Reusable Swiffer Duster

swifer1I did it! Another Pinterest Win! This time a Swiffer duster I can reuse and reuse! I wasn’t sure if the dust would actually cling to the flannel, but it does! I wasn’t sure if I could make the flannel scraps that I had left from my DIY Baby Bibs work, but I did!

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DIY Baby Booties 9 months: Free Pattern

Baby Booties, Pattern, pink, lined, 9 months, sew, girl clothes, DIYThere are so many amazing Pinterest ideas about baby DIY’s and sewing. In fact I have a full Pinterest board of ideas, check them out here. I saw so many super cute little baby booties, but none that had an easily printable pattern. Continue reading

DIY Stuffed Animal: Garth the Giraffe

Giraffe, stuffed animal, DIY, sew

Say hello to Garth, the latest stuffed toy for baby. Garth is a giraffe, whose pattern I found on pinterest – without instruction. Click here for the pin.  Continue reading

DIY Sew: Flannel Baby Bib with Pattern

DIY Sew: Flannel Baby Bib with Pattern | leave it to Joy

I love home-made gifts. It’s so much more personal and I’ve really been enjoying sewing again. I made these guys from remnants from a local fabric store. Which made them quite reasonable – but not really cheaper than buying them in the store.

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DIY Stuffed Animal: Ellie the Elephant

DIY Stuffed Animal: Ellie the Elephant | leave it to Joy

I have advanced my stuffed animal repertoire! I started with Mr Owl last winter who looks VERY VERY homemade, and this year I made Ellie the Elephant. I might even make a few other animals before the season is over, I have a few pinterest ideas floating around.

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DIY Super Cute Linen Knot Tote


Linen, Sew, Homemade, Knot, Tote, Bag, Purse, DIY, Do it YourselfThis DIY was inspired by the project done by the Sewing Rabbit. I made the first one in an evening and got faster as I went, however, the original poster claims you can make this in 30 minutes – which I did not find to be the case.

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