Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Collection Product Review

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Collection Product Review | leave it to Joy

I have been curious about Baby Dove for a while, but am just getting to try it thanks to ChickAdvisor! I was given the opportunity to review these 3 Baby Dove Products: Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip to Toe Wash, Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion, and Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Wipes. Here is my review on each of them, I #gotitfree but I’ll always be honest! Continue reading

DIY Chalk Sandwich Board Tutorial

Sandwich Board1
I love hosting events, but one area that I really could use a little more effort on is decorating. With a birthday party coming up I came up with this idea for a sandwich board. I love all the chalk board stuff floating around the internet and wanted a way for me to bring that into my home. Find my Pinterest love of chalk boards here. Continue reading

DIY Tabletop Tutorial

Table, Farmhouse, DIY,

Hello DIY enthusiasts. Today I’m going to take you into a little more detail on my tabletop that we built for my DIY Farmhouse Table. I’ve had a question or two on how we managed to assemble a single piece 4′ by 8′ table top out of lumber. Since this is after creation the pictures aren’t amazing but I’ll do my best to talk you through it! As always any questions can be posted in the comments or you can reach me through the contact form on my about page. Continue reading

Childhood Memories: The Sandwich

It was a summer day and we’ve been out of school long enough that we’re bored. I’m old enough to have moved my room into the unfinished basement – probably 13 or 14. I have walls but my ceiling is open beams from the floor above me.

My sister, 18 months younger than me, has a friend over. They’re bored. They are running between the basement and then the upstairs. I can hear them near my door, and then pattering off.  I figure they are in the storage room across the hall, or in the closet adjacent to my room. But I don’t know what they are doing and I don’t really care. I’m just doing my own thing. Continue reading

Canada Day Cupcakes

Canada Day Cupcakes  leave it to Joy2

I made these Canada Day themed cupcakes inspired by Giada DeLaurentiisBlack and White Cupcakes. Obviously instead of chocolate I added red food colour to half the batter. They turned out awesome and very festive! Continue reading

WIP Wednesday: Girl’s Smocked Tunic

WIP Wednesday, Tunic, Knit,

I started this project a while back, and have been scared to work on it. It’s my first piece of clothing!  It’s worked flat so it should be easier, right? but I’m still nervous. I have only recently mastered working a hat in the round, can I really make a tunic? Sleeves and a little back slit? So far, so good! Continue reading


You may have noticed that I’ve kind of dropped off the face of the blog. Six months ago I brought my first little into the world. I have debated what that means for leave it to Joy. If you have any littles you understand me when I say that I have considerably less time for my DIY content. My knitting is SLOW! and most of the sewing I do now is to mend things instead of starting something from scratch.

I never really thought about making journaling the primary content on my blog, I think my life is too normal for that. Even though your journal posts are some of my favourites to read. I did think about transitioning to a mommy blog but I’m not sure about that, considering my most popular posts are my DIY furniture. Ah the agony. And I’m a first time mom, I don’t know what I’m doing?! Most days if my little is alive and fed I feel like I’m winning. But maybe that is what it’s about, the journey.

Even this post I’ve rewritten it several times and I’m still not sure about it. Why would someone enjoy reading this? It’s not funny, or encouraging, at best it’s somewhat relatable.  

Oh Change, I know you’re good – but I hate you sometimes.