DIY Headboard Frame

DIY Headboard Frame

This is part 2 of a series of posts on creating my DIY bed. Find the home post here, and the first post on the footboard creation here. Now we start the headboard frame:

Next thing is the headboard frame, so I have something to upholster. The base of the frame mirrors the length and structure of the footboard base (2 2x4s + 1 for a foot). On top of that we put a 2×12 which is connected by pocket holes to the base. If you’re new to pocket holes, check out my Kreg Jig Tutorial, this tool will make your furnitre projects so much easier.headboard2I attached three supports, all connected by pocket holes to the base and put 4 straight screws to the 2×12. You will need something to top the frame with to upholster around. I used a little piece of scrap its not structural so it doesn’t really matter what it is. It’s just so that I have something to staple into.
Now fill it in with MDF! We used MDF because we had left overs from the sheet we used for the footboard. You could use plywood or another scrap material if you would like. Some online tutorials use old headboards, or coffee table tops, just whatever you have around. No one will see it so it really doesn’t matter.


Next I measured all the gaps that I wanted on the headboard, between buttons. I also decided to do squares instead of diamonds (half on accident). If you want diamonds you’d need to stagger your intersections. I actually prefer my squares now that I have them (not that I wouldn’t have liked diamonds) but they are clean and crisp and balance the wood feel.
headboard DIY Upholstered

After all the measurements are done I stretched some yarn I had leftover from my knit poncho, and spray painted each intersection. So it looked like this:headboard DIY Upholstered Now, in each of those intersections I drilled a LITTLE HOLE. This will help you get tufts. If you want really big tufts you can also cut through the foam you’ll use at upholstering time. I did not do that. I prefer the clean crisp look, with light tufts. Now you don’t want your holes to be too big. I used a pretty tiny bit. When we start upholstering we’re going to use buttons on either side of the frame and you DO NOT want your buttons to go through the hole, so keep that in mind when selecting a drill bit.

Once you’ve got that done your headboard frame is done! Ready for Step 3. UPHOLSTERING! Find that post here.

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