DIY Home-made Card Showcase

DIY Home-made Card Showcase

I love mail, I love sending mail, I love receiving mail, I love checking the mail, I love everything about mail. I also LOVE making my own home-made cards to mail. I have gotten progressively better at these over the years, and I thought it was about time to showcase some of the highlights of my card making career (so far, I am no where near retirement). You can see my full Pinterest board of my creations and inspiration here. Be sure to vote at the bottom of the post on your favourite card.

DIY, Cuttlebug, Cricut, Wedding Card, Mr & Mrs Towels,
Mr & Mrs Towels Wedding Card

DIY, Stamped, pink flowers,
Hello Sunshine No Occasion Card
DIY, Cuttlebug, Cricut, Celebrate, Blue Balloons, Baby Boy
Blue Celebrate Card
DIY, Cuttlebug, Cricut, Burlap, Bow, Thank-You,
Burlap Bow Thank-You Card
DIY, Cuttlebug, Cricut, Pink, Blue, Bow, Happy Birthday
Because You Matter to ME Birthday Card
DIY, Cricut, Cuttlebug, Pink, Green, No Occasion,
Delightful No Occasion Card
DIY, Cricut, Cuttlebug, Happy Birthday, Pink, Balloons, butterfly, Card
It’s Your Day Birthday Card
DIY, Cricut, Cuttlebug, Blue Butterflies, Happy Birthday, Purple
Happy Birthday Butterfly Card
DIY, Cricut, Mouse, Present, Happy Birthday, Card
Happy Birthday Mouse Card


5 thoughts on “DIY Home-made Card Showcase

  1. Those are all so cute!! I’ve made a goal this year to make a handwritten card to someone new each month (my pen pal doesn’t count),and so far, I’ve done it! It’s been fun to pick the card and write the note, address, stamp and mail it!
    And until this post I had no desire to make a card… 🙂

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    1. Kate. Such a good little goal. So attainable and rewarding. I love the feeling of satisfaction I get when I mail a card. Silly I’m sure. But I love it. If you end up making a card make sure you post it. I’d love to see it!!

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