DIY Super Cute Linen Knot Tote


Linen, Sew, Homemade, Knot, Tote, Bag, Purse, DIY, Do it YourselfThis DIY was inspired by the project done by the Sewing Rabbit. I made the first one in an evening and got faster as I went, however, the original poster claims you can make this in 30 minutes – which I did not find to be the case.

The Sewing Rabbit, does have a tutorial with good pictures. I did make a few modifications (when do I not?!) a slightly longer shoulder strap and a wider opening for all my stuff, and then finally slightly longer knot straps (to make tying easier).

I picked fabrics that are not very washing machine friendly, but they both wipe down easily and won’t be hard to maintain. I have a few leftovers that I want to try and make into a clutch inspired by this bow clutch I found on Pinterest.

I ended up making 5 of these, and the total cost for each was just under 10 dollars. My father-in-law, who is always impressed with my DIYs asked me if I could make one in under an hour (I think he is toying with the idea of turning us all into a sweat shop) the answer is no. It still took me several hours to make each one, but the assembly line method did make each one go faster. I think I was a little slower because of my fabric choices, but I don’t mind.
Linen, Sew, Homemade, Knot, Tote, Bag, Purse, DIY, Do it Yourself


4 thoughts on “DIY Super Cute Linen Knot Tote

    • Thanks Sophie! I’m so excited you stopped by and I’m also loving your blog too! I need to take some more time to come through your posts but everything I see so far looks awesome! Well done!!

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