DIY Burlap Spring Wreath Under $10

Burlap, Pool Noodle Wreath, Wreath, Yellow Flowers, Bow I needed a spring wreath, so I wandered through my local craft store to get a wreath base and oh my oh my are they expensive. I went immediately to Dollarama to buy a pool noodle. I’d seen this on Pinterest before, how hard can it be? Continue reading


DIY Gallery Wall Tutorial

Gallery Wall, frame, picture wall, DIY, Stairs Decor, White, Wall of Fame, Family pictures

I’ve been planning on doing this for a year and it’s finally done, and doesn’t it look amazing! The hardest part was collecting frames. I didn’t want to spend $200 on a gallery wall (which could have easily happened when you’re spending $10 on each frame).  Here is how I built my Wall o’ Fame for about $40 dollars Canadian. 

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DIY Wallpaper Tips & Tricks No One Told You


DIY Wallpaper Tips & Tricks no one told you | leave it to Joy

We decided shortly after moving in to our house that a little wall in our dining area would be perfect for a trendy accent wallpaper. So the research began! Unfortunately we had to learn a few things from our own experience as the internet & our friends didn’t mention a few of these. It really did turn out amazingly well! I love it, it really compliments our rustic Farmhouse Dining Table which is a DIY for only $200! Check out the post here.

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DIY Starfish Framed Mirrors $20 CAD

Starfish, Pallet wood, DIY, Mirror, frame, pallet frame, wall artThis summer while I was learning how to use my Kreg Jig I made several frames out of some scrap pallets that were lying around. I knew I wanted to DIY some wall art. I originally wanted to put the starfish inside the frame but my centre hole was too small (poor planning on my part). However, I really like how they turned out! Find my Kreg Jig Tutorial here.

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DIY Christmas Card Display

DIY Christmas Card Display | leave it to Joy

It’s getting close to Christmas, and I love displaying all the cards I get from my family and friends; but I hate the clutter. A few years ago I found a really great idea on Martha Stewart’s website but I didn’t have a good spot for it to go. Now I do. Check out Martha’s idea here.

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