Ummm… You want me to go where? My trip to Qatar

You want me to go where? My trip to Qatar | leave it to Joy

Skyline from my 41st Floor Hotel Room

I must confess when I realized where Qatar is located I was terrified. Its a small peninsula on the Persian Gulf side of Saudi Arabia. My head filled with questions and concerns:

  • do they know I am a woman?
  • do I get a driver?
  • do I have to wear a headscarf?
  • do I need an escort?
  • do I have to delete my bible app?
  • can I go out in public alone?
  • am I allowed to speak to local men?

All of my fears were completely unnecessary… as you will see its like if Florida or California was up rooted and placed on the other side of the globe. I just got back and it was 35 C in Qatar and I came home to -5 C and snow!

The only thing I didn’t like about Qatar is simply that it took a full day to get there. 30 some hours on the way there and the way back. Wow! But I would have no reservations if I was asked to go back. I was scared to go though, mostly because of the unknown. My mother-in-law didn’t help either, she said good bye to me like she was never going to see me again. My parents on the other hand were much more relaxed about it, at least to my face, and thank God – I would have been a terrible wreck if everyone had said good bye to me like I was going to be kidnapped and held for ransom (which to be honest was the least of my fears).

You want me to go where? My trip to Qatar | leave it to Joy

Persian Gulf

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