Childhood Memories: The Sandwich

It was a summer day and we’ve been out of school long enough that we’re bored. I’m old enough to have moved my room into the unfinished basement – probably 13 or 14. I have walls but my ceiling is open beams from the floor above me.

My sister, 18 months younger than me, has a friend over. They’re bored. They are running between the basement and then the upstairs. I can hear them near my door, and then pattering off.  I figure they are in the storage room across the hall, or in the closet adjacent to my room. But I don’t know what they are doing and I don’t really care. I’m just doing my own thing. Continue reading

The REAL Worst Dinner Guest Ever: A True Story

A year ago someone shared with me an amazing quote from Anne Lamott to help encourage me to tell my stories:

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them they should have behaved better.”

Here is another one.

After posting my reminiscent The Worst Dinner Guest Ever post I was reminded about the REAL worst dinner guest ever… Continue reading

The Worst Dinner Guest Ever: A True Story

I have always loved to be a host. If you’ve been to my house you’ll know this to be true. I haven’t always been an amazing cook, and to some standards I might still be far from one. But I have always been a good hostess. I was reminiscing about my early days as a hostess and thinking about lessons I’ve learnt, things that I’ve changed and I remembered the biggest lesson of all. No matter how hard you try or how gracious you are you will never be able to please everyone. Settle in, this is the story of my the worst dinner guest ever. These guests, we shall call them D & A, were really good friends of my co-host and I was hopeful that we’d also become close, so remember there is a lot riding on this going well.

Disclosure, this was back about 8 years ago so my facts may not be perfect, but this is how I remember it ‘going down’.

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Complex Feelings: Sympathy for Someone I Disliked

An acquaintance of mine who was very much disliked by the general population recently came into some very serious and very unfortunate health concerns.

I will agree: She was mean. She was rude. She was offensive. She was arrogant. She could even be cruel. Even before the accident, even before anything changed. I did have mixed feelings for her.

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DIY Foam Soap Refill for Pennies


I stumbled upon a Pinterest DIY probably 2 years ago about refilling your own foam soap containers with normal soap. Apparently this is something the frugal people before me have been doing for years. How did I not know it was so easy?! Well now that I have mastered the art of refilling my foam soap containers. Let me share with you.  Continue reading

11 Frugal Things I Do Without Thinking

Everybody is always wanting to save money. Everybody is always looking for easy ways to save money. Well I am naturally frugal and only recently did I realize some of the things I just do help that. I do them for other reasons like simplicity, speed, or enjoyment; but they also help me save money!

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Wedding Dress Fiasco

ordered vs recieved

If you know any one thing about me, you’d probably know I’m a pretty frugal. I am cost aware and I always try to make decisions with that in mind. Now when it came to my nuptials the story was quite the same.  We did a destination wedding and I found a dress I loved on Pinterest! I found a dress shop that could order it in for me for about $400. They didn’t have it in stock and since I was just going to trust them I thought I could just order it myself from a distributor online and save myself half the price!! So I did, I ordered my dress from what seemed like a reputable site, good product review, a decent but understandable return policy, and again the price. Well buyer beware… was  not  what I expected.

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