DIY Foam Soap Refill for Pennies


I stumbled upon a Pinterest DIY probably 2 years ago about refilling your own foam soap containers with normal soap. Apparently this is something the frugal people before me have been doing for years. How did I not know it was so easy?! Well now that I have mastered the art of refilling my foam soap containers. Let me share with you.  Continue reading


Pumpkin Spice Muffin Fail

Muffin, oatmeal, flax, flat, no rise,  baking modificationsSo, my muffin fail isn’t a complete fail. They are REALLY delicious, full of fiber, super moist, and they have an awesome spice pallet. I did do some modifications, and they did not rise. They are completely flat. You can find the original recipe on All Recipes here. I did do some pretty drastic modifications, because I  got lazy and the internet was not pulling up exactly what I wanted. I wanted pumpkin, I wanted oatmeal, I wanted flax, and I wanted coffee. I know – picky picky picky!

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The Yoga Video That Hooked Me

I’ve really been enjoying adding yoga to my existing workout plan. And now that I have been doing it for a while it has become an essential element in my workout schedule. I was inspired by Laura from lauraluscreations to share my favorite yoga videos. This is the first one I ever really committed to doing often. I like the yogi’s style; its athletic with a lot of movement. Check it out, let me know what you think. Share your favorite yoga videos with me, I promise I’ll try them!

Shakshuka: Easy Traditional Baked Eggs

shakshuka | leave it to JoyI am so excited to tell you about my latest foodie find, Shakshuka. I love eggs, they are very nutritious, delicious, affordable, and they are super quick! So when my husband saw this on Reddit I had to try it. This Shakshuka costs me about $3.00 and it will feed me and the husband for a meal with a single egg left over for a snack. Continue reading

My Breakfast Shake “Recipe”

I was recently trying to describe the basics of my breakfast shake to a friend and I realized its more complicated than I thought. I have gotten so used to it since I’ve been making it every morning for the last 3 or 4 years. So the easiest way for me to share it with her, is to also share it with you!

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DIY Easy Natural Facial Sugar Scrub $1 CAD for a Year Supply


DIY Easy Natural Facial Sugar Scrub $1 CAD for a Year Supply | leave it to Joy

There are a lot of scrub recipes out there how do you decide what one to do? For me, most of them included ingredients that I had to go out and buy. I’m cheap frugal so I prefer to do as little of that as possible.

You know what I did have in my pantry already? Coconut Oil and Sugar! Perfect.

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Low Fat Taco Mac and Cheese Entrée

Low Fat Taco Mac and Cheese Entrée | leave it to Joy

I love mac n cheese, but all that work for a side? Not this time! I’ve adapted Betty Crocker’s Mac and Cheese so that it’s an entree. Lean ground turkey as our protein and mexican taco spices make this side into a full entree – and its lean (if you want).

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