DIY Headboard Frame

This is part 2 of a series of posts on creating my DIY bed. Find the home post here, and the first post on the footboard creation here. Now we start the headboard frame:
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DIY Decor Stick Frame Re-Do 

DIY, Decor, Stick, Frame, Re-Do, $20 CAD

This DIY is a re-do of a previous DIY I did last summer – find that here. The old home of the frame got a facelift, which  means this guy had to find a new home in a new room with a new colour theme. I used paint that we had leftover from doing a small accent wall in our main floor bathroom so it literally cost me nothing. Continue reading

DIY Gallery Wall Tutorial

Gallery Wall, frame, picture wall, DIY, Stairs Decor, White, Wall of Fame, Family pictures

I’ve been planning on doing this for a year and it’s finally done, and doesn’t it look amazing! The hardest part was collecting frames. I didn’t want to spend $200 on a gallery wall (which could have easily happened when you’re spending $10 on each frame).  Here is how I built my Wall o’ Fame for about $40 dollars Canadian. 

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DIY Starfish Framed Mirrors $20 CAD

Starfish, Pallet wood, DIY, Mirror, frame, pallet frame, wall artThis summer while I was learning how to use my Kreg Jig I made several frames out of some scrap pallets that were lying around. I knew I wanted to DIY some wall art. I originally wanted to put the starfish inside the frame but my centre hole was too small (poor planning on my part). However, I really like how they turned out! Find my Kreg Jig Tutorial here.

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DIY Tutorial: Using a Kreg Jig

DIY Tutorial: Using a Kreg Jig | leave it to Joy

Why would I use a jig? The intentions of using a jig is to pre-drill holes into your materials to completely hide all fasteners.

Some carpenters and handy-men will build their own jig with scrap wood. You can do this, but you will need to build a new one for each material thickness and screw length you need. The Kreg Jig is adjustable, easy to use, easy to set up and as long as you are paying attention, fool proof. If you are going to do what I’ve done and build lots of your own furniture then the Kreg is worth every penny. If you are just planning on doing one or two small projects, it may not be worth it. I have used this Jig on my Farmhouse Console Table, Farmhouse Coffee TableEnd Table, Farmhouse Dining Table and I have many plans for it in the near future too!

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DIY Stick Frame Art for $20 CAD

Stick, Frame, DIY, wall art, cheap, decor, frugal, DIY decor,

This DIY was inspired by Curbly’s Easy Framed Branches.

I couldn’t get this pin out of my head, I had to do this DIY. I looked for cheap frames I could re-purpose for several months, I didn’t want to spend too much and so was avoiding buying something brand new. I was looking at second hand stores, liquidation stores and in my mother’s basement without luck. I found this gem at Michael’s on super clearance for $15.00 CAD…. FIFTEEN DOLLARS.

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