Complex Feelings: Sympathy for Someone I Disliked

An acquaintance of mine who was very much disliked by the general population recently came into some very serious and very unfortunate health concerns.

I will agree: She was mean. She was rude. She was offensive. She was arrogant. She could even be cruel. Even before the accident, even before anything changed. I did have mixed feelings for her.

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I Had a Dream: Girl I Used to Know

The street is asleep, no vehicles, no exterior lights, only a flickering faint glow from one of the street lights. I’m walking outside a few houses down from my house. I’m wearing a light weight winter coat it feels like spring is on its way. My face is warm, without a scarf, my hands aren’t chilled and they wear no gloves. The ground is covered with snow, sporting a hard icy shell from melting and freezing a few times.

I’m not alone, someone walks silently next to me. We are headed somewhere in the middle of the darkness together, I am uncertain where; but we have purpose.

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My anti-Santa Christmas

Christmas Word Wall | leave it to Joy

There is no Santa in my Christmas. I am a real life not crazy Christian traditionalist. I also grew up without Santa  (when asked my parents said they didn’t want to lie to us kids). I may be partial to the whole thing since I grew up just fine without Santa, but I am also sick with how EVERY HOLIDAY has become completely commercialized.

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Thanksgiving: Do I have to say the words “I am thankful” in order to be thankful?

Do I have to say the words “I am thankful” in order to be truly thankful?

For my American readers Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October, which is what got me thinking about this.

FYI: We still eat turkey with all the trimmings.

At my parent’s after we consume an abundance of Turkey and potatoes we go around the table and say what we are thankful for from this past year. I don’t love the tradition, I don’t really remember how it started – as far as I know its been that way since the beginning of time. My husband thinks its weird and actually inspired this post.

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What I hate about St. John – Bronte’s Eyre



I just finished my first reading of Jane Eyre (yes I am aware that I am an embarrassment, and that not reading Jane Eyre until the ripe age of 26 is almost sinful).

Let me start with this. I profess to be a Christian, I love Jesus. I go to church (not that going to church makes me a Christian). I try to do what’s right (I am human, and I do make mistakes). When I make mistakes I own them (whether good or bad comes out of it). So when I am critical of St. John I am also critical of my brothers and sisters in Christ, and myself.

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