Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Collection Product Review

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Collection Product Review | leave it to Joy

I have been curious about Baby Dove for a while, but am just getting to try it thanks to ChickAdvisor! I was given the opportunity to review these 3 Baby Dove Products: Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip to Toe Wash, Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion, and Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Wipes. Here is my review on each of them, I #gotitfree but I’ll always be honest! Continue reading


You may have noticed that I’ve kind of dropped off the face of the blog. Six months ago I brought my first little into the world. I have debated what that means for leave it to Joy. If you have any littles you understand me when I say that I have considerably less time for my DIY content. My knitting is SLOW! and most of the sewing I do now is to mend things instead of starting something from scratch.

I never really thought about making journaling the primary content on my blog, I think my life is too normal for that. Even though your journal posts are some of my favourites to read. I did think about transitioning to a mommy blog but I’m not sure about that, considering my most popular posts are my DIY furniture. Ah the agony. And I’m a first time mom, I don’t know what I’m doing?! Most days if my little is alive and fed I feel like I’m winning. But maybe that is what it’s about, the journey.

Even this post I’ve rewritten it several times and I’m still not sure about it. Why would someone enjoy reading this? It’s not funny, or encouraging, at best it’s somewhat relatable.  

Oh Change, I know you’re good – but I hate you sometimes. 

DIY Baby Booties 9 months: Free Pattern

Baby Booties, Pattern, pink, lined, 9 months, sew, girl clothes, DIYThere are so many amazing Pinterest ideas about baby DIY’s and sewing. In fact I have a full Pinterest board of ideas, check them out here. I saw so many super cute little baby booties, but none that had an easily printable pattern. Continue reading

Newborn Snowflake Beanie: Free Pattern

two tone knitting, knit, snowflake, newborn

I have fallen in love with two tone knitting, and I love knitting baby stuff. You make progress so quickly, and seeing it take shape feels so rewarding. I did this one and it ended up being a lot smaller than I expected. Its only going to be good for a newborn.

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DIY Butterfly Mobile Under $10

Butterfly, mobile, purple, baby, decor, DIY

With a new baby every parent wants to decorate their baby’s nursery. I stumbled upon a super cute Pinterest idea which inspired this DIY. Find the pin here and follow me on Pinterest here. Continue reading

DIY Stuffed Animal: Garth the Giraffe

Giraffe, stuffed animal, DIY, sew

Say hello to Garth, the latest stuffed toy for baby. Garth is a giraffe, whose pattern I found on pinterest – without instruction. Click here for the pin.  Continue reading

DIY Sew: Flannel Baby Bib with Pattern

DIY Sew: Flannel Baby Bib with Pattern | leave it to Joy

I love home-made gifts. It’s so much more personal and I’ve really been enjoying sewing again. I made these guys from remnants from a local fabric store. Which made them quite reasonable – but not really cheaper than buying them in the store.

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