Becel Plant Based Bricks Product Review

Becel Plant Based Bricks Product Review

Thanks to FamilyRated & Becel I got to try the Becel Plant Based Brick, Unsalted! I usually buy butter (both salted and unsalted) but haven’t tried this yet, which is kind of surprising because I do cook a lot of vegan dishes. Thank you FamilyRated & Becel!! Now, I got it free but I’ll always be honest!


I left it on the counter overnight knowing I was going to bake with it in the morning. However, in the morning it was TOO SOFT it was unmanageable. I thought maybe I missed a notice that it has to be stored in the fridge, but it doesn’t say that! It should definitely live in the fridge, the foil is just too messy to be on a shelf.
The wrapper says it is 70% vegetable oil and 30% canola oil, but the two first ingredients are two types of palm oil. I know there is some controversy with palm oil, but they do say they believe in sustainable palm oil. Whatever that means. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Super soft room temperature Becel Plant Based Brick


The first test, Banana Bread. I bake the best banana bread recipe on earth from the Magnolia Table Cookbook Vol 1. I didn’t know it was possible, but the Becel made my already super moist and delicious Banana bread MORE moist! And it didn’t crumble like baking with coconut oil does. Baking Test: PASSED!

Please admire the food styling of my 4 year old – sprinkles go on all our baking. 💁🏼‍♀️


The final test, how can you really taste butter? On avocado toast! If I didn’t rub that Becel on the toast myself I wouldn’t know it wasn’t butter. Does that make sense? The Mr. agrees we can’t tell the difference, it is absolutely buttery. And I used it straight from the fridge – and it melted quickly and perfectly. (You should just store it in the fridge!) Toast Test: PASSED!

I’ll buy this again, I really want to try it in buttercream frosting, but alas I need to wait for some reason to make cake again. I am very dairy sensitive and the amount of butter in buttercream makes me sick. Every time. It is a sad thing to admit. But maybe this Becel can save buttercream for me! 🙂

Thanks again FamilyRated & Becel this was a tasty product to review!

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