DIY Puff Daddy a Knit Ottoman

DIY Puff Daddy a Knit Ottoman

I wanted a Knit Ottoman. Do I need to explain why? They are cute and functional! I saw one I liked at a retailer… but it was pretty expensive. I can’t even remember exactly how much but definitely over $100. Enough for me to be hesitant, off to google!  There has to be a free knit pattern out there. Spoiler, THERE IS and I found it!  

DIY Knit Ottoman | leave it to Joy

I found it from Pickles Patterns for free! You can find the puff daddy pattern on their website here. Unfortunately, this is a story of frustration and hassle – but you can learn from mistakes I made. The easy part was finding the pattern. And knitting it up! It was pretty easy even for me a casual inexperienced knitter.

The pattern mentions that you can use foam, or strategically roll up a comforter. I always like to up-cycle things that I already have especially when it is something that isn’t really getting used. And I know from researching DIY patio furniture that foam is expensive AF. So, I decided to shove a comforter in it. But it was blue… and my knit was white. So I sewed up a tube from an old sheet that was kicking around. The comforter is a queen size and didn’t really fill it out that well. So I added a pillow… and that kinda helped. It was still not great though.

The comforter + 1 pillow held up well until a human would sit on it. When body weight is applied it shrinks to about 12 inches off the ground. Even though it can look aesthetically pleasing. It was not functional. I then shoved some more stuff in there, another bed sized pillows, and 4 throw cushions.

I finally got it to hold some shape. It’s so full! But it is now an acceptable seat where you won’t end up spilling over when you sit on it. It makes a better foot rest though. I still think it would be better with foam. *shrug*

I’m calling this a failed DIY because it took way too long for me to figure out the shape and it still gets all weird. It doesn’t help that I have two kiddos running around pushing and pulling on the stitches. It absolutely looks homemade (in the bad way). Luckily, the yarn is leftover from another DIY Chunky Throw Blanket, which means my investment in this project is zero! Maybe I’ll pull it all out and make a different project. That is one thing I love about knitting, is that it is easy to fix / change stuff.

Be Inspired.
– Joy ❤

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