Easy Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Easy Knit Dishcloth Pattern

I love my knit dishcloths. They are scrubby, but also a perfect quick little project that you can start and finish in an hour or two. They are perfect for beginners or anyone who’s a novice, casual knitter – like me!
I’ve made dishcloths for a while and have slowly morphed the pattern into one I like. Here is my pattern.

You will need:
Needles: 7mm (If you don’t have this size but you have 6 or 8, use that.)
Yarn: Cotton (you can find this at any store that sells yarn, box stores or niche speciality shops.) I used Bernat Handirafter Cotton in weight 1.75 oz / 50g.

Cast on 4 stitches
Row 1: knit 4
Row 2: slip 1, knit 1, YO, knit to the end of the row
Repeat Row 2 until you have 30 stitches
Row 3: slip 1, k2tog, YO k2tog, knit to the end of the row
Repeat Row 3 until you have 4 stitches left
Cast off.
Sew in tails.

The tiny little scrubber is all I had enough leftover yarn for but I still think it will be a good little dishcloth.

Stay Inspired.
– Joy

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