I Heart Cables Knit Beanie

I Heart Cables Knit Beanie

I started this touque in 2015. I know that because I was pregnant with my first daughter and was making it as a gift for a friend’s son. I got frustrated with the cabels and how long it was taking and packed it away. Covid-19 comes and brings with it the motivation to finish it. It won’t fit him now but, luckily, one of my girls will fit it next year.

I have knit 2 touques and I finished them both at the start of spring. (Which is kind of funny, right?). Now, being at home with no external expectations or activities, I found the motivation to finish up an abandoned project. I overfunction with stress; actually, I overfunction all the time. I have to be busy, it keeps my head above water. When I relax, I quickly overthink, I get self critical and slump into a depression. Probably not a healthy way to cope but it works for me. (Not sure what overfunctioning is? Check out this podcast from Brené Brown.)

I ran out of red… and amidst covid didn’t want to go out trying to match it. Especially since it’s 5 years old and I have no idea where I originally bought the yarn.

This pattern is a great start to learn cables. Find the free Ravelry Pattern here. It was a little confusing to pick up and start again after so much time, but I would recommend it. And FYI, I ignored the top of the touque pattern, instead I decreased every 4 stitches until only 2 were left and tied them off. (In case you’re a pro looking at my sloppy top. 😉 )

Stay Inspired.
– Joy

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