Lashious Studio: Microblading Service Review

Lashious Studio: Microblading Service Review

After 6 week touch up

I have naturally light hair and that means weak brows. I have tried lots of brow products but nothing really worked for me. Brow pencils made me break out. I cant even guess how many times I coloured over the white head of a zit with a brow pencil. Then I tried brow mascara, but that only enhances the hair you have, which I didn’t have a lot.
I started to ponder microblading but, as a tattoo free girl, I was a little freaked out by the whole idea. Then I heard that my Mother in Law had gotten microblading after cancer stole her eyebrows. I had never noticed because they looked so natural! That is how I came to meet Leah from Lashious Studio.

Leah Crockford

Leah did such a great job! She’s very professional and has done over 200 brows! She measured my face and gave me a suggested shape to approve. My end result is very natural!

On day 3 they were still a little tender but felt almost normal. I figured the procedure would be painful but I was wrong; it was uncomfortable but not painful. What I didn’t expect was the discomfort the following day or two.

Leah also includes a 6 week touch up because its very difficult to get it perfect on the first try. This is important to know because some of those Group-on deals don’t include it and, when you book both, its not a deal anymore. The touch up was super quick and less painful. I also noticed that they were way less sensitive the following day. Sleeping that first night was still quite uncomfortable.

The healing process was quick. 3 days and they are normal, maybe a little flaky. I never had any “Bert and Ernie” feelings about being overly brow-licous. My brows are quite light so girls with dark hair will probably feel a little more self conscious about them the day or two after. I just felt like I finally did some good make up.

Thanks again, Leah! Love, Joy

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