JOICO HYDRASPLASH Haircare Product Review

JOICO HYDRASPLASH Haircare Product Review

Thanks to ChickAdvisor and JOICO, I got to try the whole HYDRASPLASH haircare line, which includes shampoo, conditioner, masque, and a leave-in. The timing of this product review could not be more amazing. I have been talking to my hairdresser about my dry brittle hair and am excited to put the JOICO HYDRASPLASH to work. Thank you ChickAdvisor & JOICO!! Now, I got to try these for free, but I’ll always be honest!


What is the first thing you do with a haircare product? You smell it, obviously! I have no idea why, but I see other women in the shampoo aisles doing the same; so this will not be the reason you call me crazy. The Joico HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo smells amazingly fresh and clean but also like a relaxing beach vacation. It has a smooth, easy lather that suds up nicely, really allowing a good scalp massage (my favourite part of washing my hair).
It rinses easily and leaves my hair ready for whatever is next. Since I got the whole line, I did the masque immediately after my shampoo.


The texture of this masque reminds me of slime. Not as thick as slime but it has that “cling to itself” thing that slime does. If you don’t have a child under 10, I’m sorry that this comparison will do nothing for you. The masque also smells like a complex dance between a beach vacation and being squeaky clean.
The thing with the masque is that it says to leave it in for 5 minutes so I would recommend taking a bath and bringing along a podcast or a good book. I couldn’t stand in the shower waiting for 5 minutes I also wouldn’t be able to tell you when 5 minutes have passed in the shower (thank you glasses).
This masque though! It’s amazing. I still condition after but I don’t think you really need to. It’s very moisturizing and leaves my hair very soft. This might also be because during the masque, I was at a VERY intense chapter in a Dean Koontz novel and I left it in for more than 5 minutes.


The conditioner also smells like a freshly cleaned beach, which is definitely worth noting. I used the conditioner on its own and along with the masque. I definitely like it both ways. It is a light moisturizing; my hair feels clean and also hydrated. Previously, I was using so much extra product to get my hair the moisture it needed that it was getting weighed down. This conditioner is able to keep it both light and moisturized!


I don’t really have any reason but I expected this leave-in to be an oil. It’s a cream, which is fine, just not what I expected. I have been using Moroccan Argan Oil because I needed some intense moisture. This is holding up really well. I’m certain that this is also because I’m using the whole line and every step has a good quality moisture element.

My hairdresser insisted I need a high moisture shampoo, even though I thought that was what conditioner was for. I honestly have looked in the store before and just get so overwhelmed with the amount of choices that I end up making poor decisions based on sales or packaging.

Thanks again ChickAdvisor and JOICO! Love, Joy 

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