MatchaFesh Matcha Product Review

MatchaFesh Matcha Product Review

Thanks to MatchaFesh, I got to try their matcha for free! I love matcha and have found it difficult to find consistently good quality in Canada. I feel so lucky to get to try their organic ceremonial grade Japanese matcha from a Canadian Company!! Thank you MatchaFesh!! Now, I got it free but I’ll always be honest!

If you follow me on Instagram you know already I drink A LOT of matcha. Three or four times a week I have some form of matcha, usually in a vegan latte made with almond milk. Can you imagine my excitement when MatchaFesh wanted to collaborate on a product review? Hells yeah, I was down! Spoiler: IT’S SO GOOD!! I might need to apply for a full time gig with these guys. (Seriously. Hit me up. 😆)

When you say, “Organic Ceremonial Japanese Matcha”?

What does that even mean? When I read that, I know this is EXACTLY what I want. Let me tell you why. Not all Matcha is created equally.

Organic: When we are ingesting the whole leaf as you do with the fine powder of matcha, it should be organic. Also, we don’t want chemicals ruining all those wonderful green tea flavours.

Japanese: You can also find Chinese matcha which I have tried. I only speak English and am mostly guessing in Asian Markets. I bought Chinese matcha and it was very bitter. Chinese matcha is typically used in baking. I did use it in lattes, but it was still very bitter. Japanese matcha is smoother; intended for drinking with water.

Ceremonial Grade: In Japan, everyday people like you and me don’t drink matcha. Matcha is reserved for special ceremonies. It’s a whole ordeal.
Now you know about matcha!


Now about MatchaFesh, they ONLY do matcha! And they do it WELL! I’ve been addicted to it for a few years and I have managed to find some good quality Japanese Matcha at Asian markets but, when I have gone back to get more, they have stopped carrying it or are sold out. So sad? Right! I have tried lots of matcha (at least 8 brands) and none of them have been as good as MatchaFesh.
You might have missed the nod earlier. MatchaFesh is a Canadian company based out of Ontario. All their products ship out of Ontario, for free to Canada and USA!

This photo is unedited. It’s taken in the natural afternoon light with no modifications. Look at how bright that green is! That is how you know this is primo matcha. It will darken as it sits and oxidises, but its visible that it is a high quality.

The flavour is amazing. I am having a hard time trying to describe it. In my Instagram Video Review, I described the smell initially as “kind of vanilla” but there really is no bitterness. When I smell my other matcha it hits my brain immediately as green tea. It has that western green tea bitterness smell. Some are really bad, like Bulk Barn. That stuff is only good for baking. Some are okay, like TeaPigs but this MatchaFesh has no bitterness. I can drink it unsweetened! The way it was meant to be consumed, with water.

I am not sure the bitterness might come with time. Green Tea, especially matcha, has a short shelf life. Store it in the fridge / freezer! (And don’t by that massive tin from Costco unless you share it with your entire office and everyone drinks it everyday.) However, if you keep the MatchaFesh fresh and drink it often you will enjoy a brilliantly flavourful super foodie bevie.

Thanks again to MatchaFesh for my favourite collaboration yet! Love, Joy.

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