Elephant Pinwheel Quilt

Elephant Pinwheel Quilt

It is my first ever pinwheel pattern! Every time I make a new quilt, I love it more than the last one. How is that possible? I think it’s related to all the quality time we spend bonding.

Even though I fell in love with the elephants, I’m very happy to share it with a handsome little fellow. ⁠ I was inspired by a similar elephant pinwheel quilt which you can see here (designed for a girl, it’s more feminine).

This was also my first ever applique! I handmade that with the help of my Cricut Air 2! I had the Cricut draw the elephant out with a fabric marker, mirrored on the back side of the fabric. Then I cut it out with an extra border in order to give me seam allowances.

I quilted this whole thing on my little Bernina! I had to do some strategic rolling and tucking. If you’re gonna try that, start in the middle and work your way out or it will be so much harder!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my first ever pinwheel and applique! Look at me trying at the new skills!

Be Inspired.

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