Vintage Window Command Centre Tutorial

Vintage Window Command Centre Tutorial

I used to crank out DIY projects monthly. However, I now have two littles and I cook more. Here is a DIY that took me 4 months, but should have taken a weekend, or an afternoon. *shrug* Here is my Vintage Window turns Command Centre! Also known as that place I put my toddler’s crafts.

Vintage Window turns Command Centre Decor | leave it to Joy

My dad gifted me this window several years ago, pre-kids. I considered doing several different projects but this was my winner. Because who knew a 3 year old would create a craft everyday that she CANNOT recycle… how dare you assume it was garbage! 

To start, I spray painted it matte white. I decided not to sand it. Primarily because I was feeling lazy and just wanted to do the fun stuff. But also because it’s old and I figured it would be lead based paint and I didn’t want to inhale a lot of those dust bits. I also liked the idea of it having texture. Next, I painted my screw heads and metal clips black. I wanted them to accent off the window and also bring in a little modern feel while keeping it rustic. I got these at Michael’s, with a coupon of course!

I used several random screws. Some leftover from real projects, like IKEA dressers when you get 2 extras? I even had one black one! 

Vintage Window turns Command Centre Decor | leave it to JoyScrew them into the middle of each window pane. 

I bought some picture frame hangers from Michael’s, as well. On a separate trip of course… because coupon.

I chose to hang this directly into two studs because of the weight but because of that, I lined up my hangers awkwardly. Just to ensure it is centred on my wall. 

The final step: fill with art! Well mine is anyway.


Be inspired. Be crafty. 🙂 


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