Good Food Subscription Box Product Review

Good Food Subscription Box Product Review

About a month ago I did a trail of Good Food. One of the meal subscription boxes, there are so many out there right now they seem to be a very popular trend. II did this because I got a free promo for a single box from a friend and I was tired from doing so many cookbook reviews. If you follow me on Instagram you know I cook a lot. But I like it! You know what I didn’t like? Good Food. 😦

Good Food Review | leave it to Joy

This isn’t a paid review or an ad. And I don’t know if they would ever pay me because I didn’t like it.

I would recommend this to people who like to cook but lack inspiration. People who work full time, but like to cook and don’t want to make a meal plan and grocery shop.
For me though, I didn’t like the service.

Here is why: ⠀⠀
1. The instructions were hard to follow.

There were only 5 steps with each recipe but each step had 6 steps in it. If they were written broken out a little more so there were 10, or even 12 steps they would be easier to follow. ⠀⠀
2. I can deliver the same quality on my own.

The meals were delicious, but no better than what I usually make. Even my family said so. Which I really loved hearing!!⠀⠀
3. There is SO MUCH WASTE!

Instead of sending me 1 bottle of sauce. They sent me 4 bottles of ingredients to make my own sauce. Is that necessary? *groan* ⠀⠀
4. It was stressful.

It’s probably because its new and recipes I hadn’t thought through yet, but cooking these meals was WAY more stressful than anything I made from cookbooks.

5. The dishes! 

There were SO MANY DISHES! I don’t really understand how. but when I make a cookbook meal I have only a handful of dishes and things to put in my dishwasher. With these good food meals I had MOUNDS of dishes.

Here is what they sent me for each meal. I didn’t take pictures of the actual meals because we were all grumpy by the time they were finished but you can get a good idea from this:

Anyway. For some people I’m sure it would be good. Not for me

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