Dove UltraCare Conditioners Product Review

Dove UltraCare Conditioners Product Review

Thanks to ChickAdvisor I got to try this awesome Mousse from Dove’s UltraCare Conditioners line. Thank you ChickAdvisor & Dove!! Now, I got it free but I’ll always be honest!

I specifically tried Dove UltraCare Conditioners Mousse Weightless + Volume.

To dispense, you turn it upside down like a typical mousse. It has A LOT of really nice, firm foam and feels very luxurious!

As per typical mousse it basically disappears when you touch your hair, but it leaves a really nice layer of moisture. It also distributes really easily – this is awesome because it’s so hard for me to get an even conditioning.

I actually had really gorgeous hair for days after. This was the only change I made in my hair care routine. I used the same shampoo, the same Moroccan oil, same blow dryer, brush, curling rod – etc etc. I didn’t realize how much of a difference a simple conditioner would make. And for me this is such an amazing win! I’m living in the thick of “that mom life” right now and I only wash my hair every 3-4 days (if I am lucky). Having a secret weapon like this conditioner helping me get beautiful hair day after day brings so much simplicity to my daily life. (You know I still have to go to the store… now I just look fabulous when I’m there – with no make-up and yesterday’s hair!)

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