BabyGanics Baby Products Review

BabyGanics Baby Products Review

Thanks to FamilyRated I got to try these 3 BabyGanics Baby Products. Thank you FamilyRated & BabyGanics!! Now, I got it free but I’ll always be honest!

These products are organic, plant based and not tested on animals! I also sampled the fragrance free lotion and wipes since my littles have eczema and sensitive skin.


These wipes feel fantastic! They have the strength and stretch like fabric does. They are super soft too they really feel like fabric! Not rough after its been wet and dried on the counter kind, the super soft probably won’t decompose in the landfill kind. And they don’t rip!

Do you remember meconium poops? It’s a recent memory for me. These wipes would be perfect for that. They aren’t too wet, or too delicate. I think they would be great for a gift for a first time mom at her baby shower. The size of the page is also nice, 80 wipes per pack.

However, I do have some complaints. I don’t like the top, the seal it does keep in the moisture but it’s hard to get into one handed while changing a butt. I also don’t like how the wipes are folded inside the package. They are not “tissue style” so when I pull one out it sticks to the next one and I’m never sure if there is one or 2 in the stack. I often find myself using 2 when I really only wanted 1 and frequently pull out 3. Unfortunately there are enough complaints that I wouldn’t buy these as my usual wipes, sorry BabyGanics — Buuuuut read how I feel about the body wash and shampoo… I’m probably buying that forever.


This lotion is nice. It’s smooth, light and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. It absorbs quickly and is all around really good. I really like the bottle too. Both my littles have eczema and this lotion hasn’t irritated it at all! It didn’t clear up any of the eczema, which isn’t surprising since it’s not specific for eczema but it also didn’t cause any irritation.

However, both my littles have really dry skin and we are in the middle of an intense cold snap (like -40) and I’m finding that it doesn’t have enough moisturize. It is a water based lotion and we typically use a petroleum based one, and for us that is a huge difference. I think if we lived somewhere that was warmer, or humid this would be a perfect lotion. I might actually stash it away for summer when the kiddos are in shorts, since it absorbs so quickly it won’t end up on my furniture!


Have you ever gotten a freebie or sample of a product and wished you hadn’t because you now know that all the other products you were using are garbage? That is how I feel about this body wash and shampoo. It’s amazing. The smell. The pump. My daughter’s hair is almost conditioned after, but it doesn’t leave her skin feeling oily or anything.

I tried the chamomile verbena, and it smells amazing. The whole next day I just want to hug my littles because they smell so good.


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