Knitting: DIY Chunky Throw Blanket

Knitting: DIY Chunky Throw Blanket

DIY Chunky Throw Blanket | leave it to Joy

The DIY Mommy did a really classy arm knit blanket that inspired this DIY. Check out her blanket here. She uses this YouTube Tutorial by Simply Maggie, you can quick link to here.

From the DIY Mommy I thought I had bought the right yarn, Super Bulky and a 6. But when I got to actually watching the YouTube Tutorial… I got something totally different.  In the video Simply Maggie has some insanely thick yarn that is probably more than 5x thicker than this “super chunky” yarn.

DIY Chunky Throw Blanket | leave it to Joy

Now, I loved the look of the DIY Mommy’s so I continued. I quickly decided arm knitting is not for me and switched to some massive needles that were gifted to me, probably about an inch or more in size but are unmarked. I cast on 35 stitches with two skeins at once, like the DIY Mommy did. I just knit and knit until my skeins were gone.

End result is a longer, more narrow blanket than I expected but very chunky – and best of all only cost me $25. Final dimensions are: 3 feet by 5.5 feet

I did look for that insane chunky yarn and found it, but it wasn’t on sale and would have cost me $90. AND they didn’t have any in white. Although, to be honest I stopped considering it when I realized it was going to be a $90 throw blanket.

Happy Knitting!


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