DIY Hanging Orchid Centerpieces

DIY Hanging Orchid Centerpieces

I was out shopping for an area rug and stumbled upon a beautifully set dining room table with 3 unique center pieces, which inspired this insanely easy DIY.





I found these pillar vases at HomeSense for $5 each. You can tell they are cheap, the glass bottom is a little uneven and the rim is wide. But I think they are perfect for something like this. A trip to Michael’s for a small spool of clear jewelry string and a single stem of an artificial Orchid.

DIY Orchid Centerpieces | leave it to Joy

String: $2.50

Wood: FREE

Vases: 3 x $5 = $15

Orchid: $6

Total cost: $23.50

Once all the supplies had been acquired about an hour at the kitchen table and some super glue later you have this fresh springy center piece.



Orchid Centerpiece DIY | leave it to Joy


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