Knitting: Girls Smocked Tunic

Knitting: Girls Smocked Tunic

This project took me about 10 months to pick away at, I finished it and it will probably be the first and last article of clothing I knit. Find the Ravelry Pattern here. I loved that this project was worked flat, it was a lot less overwhelming but even then, its not the size I picked out. All the pieces fit together well, but the neck hole was way too tiny compared to the size. I’m not sure if this is because I’m a novice knitter or if I read the pattern incorrectly. I ended up having to surge the edges of the slit in the back and cutting it so that my daughter could get it on. I made size 9 months, but my daughter turned 2 and it is just starting to fit now. I do like the design, and that it was worked flat so it was manageable; but, for the time it took, I’d rather sew something.

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