Love You to the Moon Quilt

Love You to the Moon Quilt

Love you to the Moon Quilt | leave it to Joy

I made this quilt for a tiny little newborn, who just turned 1. Happy Birthday, Little Man! I’m finally going to share it with you. I used this Pinterest Post as my template and collected some star and moon themed fabrics to create this chunky design. The design wasn’t overly tedious, or complicated, which made it very enjoyable to sew and reignited my love of quilting. 

Love you to the Moon Quilt | leave it to Joy

My Bernina actually has a ABC setting where I can write so I inscribed a theme caption into the quit, “I love you to the moon and back” along a seam on the length of the quilt. A simple but very unique way to personalize the quilt. I actually used embroidery thread in a light blue, it is still hard to find. I probably should have used a navy blue or something with more contrast.

Love you to the Moon Quilt | leave it to Joy

On the white patchwork, I actually did a star and a swish quilting pattern. On everything else, I did just a freehand squiggle pattern, which I do think is the technical term ;). I just did this on my classic sewing machine! I did use gloves to get a better grip on the fabric and a quilting foot. Perfectly manageable, I will be using this same technique for my next one, which I hope to start in the next couple months.

Love you to the Moon Quilt | leave it to Joy

Finally, I backed it with this fluffy cloud material that is so cozy! I love it.

– Joy

5 thoughts on “Love You to the Moon Quilt

  1. Awe, that is the sweetest quilt. You are inspiring me to get going on my own. I’ve been wanting to make one for years. My “project” list is so long and I wonder if I will ever have the time! Keep up the quilting, you are obviously great at it! 🙂 Have a beautiful day! And happy birthday to your little one. Koko 🙂

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