Nivea Q10 Firming Collection Product Review

Nivea Q10 Firming Product Review | leave it to JoyI am just getting to try Nivea’s Q10 Firming line thanks to ChickAdvisor! I was given the opportunity to review these 3 Nivea Products: Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil, Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion, and Nivea Q10 Anti-Age Hand Cream. A quick search and this basket is a $32.00 value, thank you Nivea!

Here is my review on each of them, I #gotitfree but I’ll always be honest!

Nivea Q10 Firming Body Oil

Nivea’s Q10 Firming Body Oil will hydrate and last forever!

As with any body oil, a little goes a long way! I’ve been using it multiple times a day to see if I can pick up on any reduction in my stretch marks from my pregnancy 18 months ago. I don’t know if I can definitively say that I have noticed within the 2 week review window.  I also can’t definitively say I noticed any firming but I do like it, it’s a good product. However, I do think this is a little expensive for a Body Oil retailing for $13.99, but it will last you a long long time. If you would like to see if it’s firming for yourself, it’ll last you months. I’ve been using it heavily for 2 weeks and I have hardly made a dent in it.

Retail: $13.99

Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion

Nivea’s Q10 Firming Body Lotion is a dry skin quencher!

This lotion is a little thinner, but moisturizes really well! It absorbs quickly and is not sticky. I’ve been using it multiple times a day to see if I can pick up on any firming within the review window (about 2 weeks). I don’t know if I can definitively say that I have noticed. That said, I love the feel and I have noticed how silky smooth my skin is. Because it is thinner, I do need a little extra for dry spots like heels and elbows, but I still rate it with 5 stars. I will certainly buy this again, and definitely recommend to a friend.

Retail: $10.49

Nivea Q10 Anti-Age Hand Cream

The perfect go to lotion, Nivea Q10 Hand Cream!

I like the size, it will easily fit in my purse and I can carry it on when flying. There is a little scent but it dissipates quickly, and it’s not overly powerful. It’s thick but not sticky, and does absorb quickly.

I did find that if I used too much it got a little sticky, so don’t go all crazy thinking you need a lot. Less than a dime will do both my hands. Even two hours later my hands feel moisturized and silky soft. I really like it, will definitely buy this lotion again.

I also love that this hand cream prevents signs of aging!

Retail: $6.99


I really do like the collection, I would certainly be keeping the lotions in stock at all times! Thanks Nivea & ChickAdvisor for the opportunity to try these awesome products!


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