DIY Chalk Sandwich Board Tutorial

DIY Chalk Sandwich Board Tutorial

Sandwich Board1
I love hosting events, but one area that I really could use a little more effort on is decorating. With a birthday party coming up I came up with this idea for a sandwich board. I love all the chalk board stuff floating around the internet and wanted a way for me to bring that into my home. Find my Pinterest love of chalk boards here.

Once my littles are old enough I’ll let them decorate the sign for each holiday. “Hey, it’s Easter – Colour me an Easter sign.”

Surprisingly the base is NOT chalk board paint. It’s actually MDF shelving from HomeDepot. It comes black! And it’s not porous so the chalk makers don’t stain. The best part – no painting!! I have a few friends who did chalkboard signs and they all had a hard time getting the paint in an even layer. So to avoid that, I thought this one up!

I did colour the edges that aren’t finished with a Milwaukee Paint Marker instead of leaving them a wood colour.The trim was leftover from a project a friend used the mitre saw for, painted that white and a little Gorilla Glue and I was done!

I picked up the chalk markers from Michael’s with a 40% off coupon, they were in a set so I got them all 40% which was nice. I actually spent more time on the doodle than I did building the thing. It probably took me 2 hours to write Happy Birthday… seriously. I was running out of time as I went on – I’m sure you can tell.Sandwich Board2

This DIY actually cost me $0. But it’s because I had everything just lying around from previous projects. In reality you could do it for under $40, I’m sure. Hope this helps you realize you can DIY too! Send me links!

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