DIY Tabletop Tutorial

DIY Tabletop Tutorial

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Hello DIY enthusiasts. Today I’m going to take you into a little more detail on my tabletop that we built for my DIY Farmhouse Table. I’ve had a question or two on how we managed to assemble a single piece 4′ by 8′ table top out of lumber. Since this is after creation the pictures aren’t amazing but I’ll do my best to talk you through it! As always any questions can be posted in the comments or you can reach me through the contact form on my about page.

To start we built a frame. The photo here is of my Farmhouse Bench that goes with my table but its the same idea. Build the frame to the size of the table. Ours is 96 inches long and 48 inches wide – and we used 2×6’s. Where the legs will attach, insert a 2×4 to secure the leg to. That should look something like this:

DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial | leave it to JoyI used the Kreg Jig to build the frame. Its a little overwhelming if you’ve never used one but trust me – it’s super easy. I have a photo tutorial here if you don’t believe me. In the photo you see the frame sitting on top of the “table top.” Which is just pine shelving we picked up from HomeDepot. Here you can see it online. Since our table top is massive one piece didn’t cut it. So we did 3 separate 16 inch pieces and joined them together. Now how did we manage that? A LOT OF CLAMPS! DIY Farmhouse Bench Tutorial | leave it to Joy

We used Gorilla Glue to connect the pieces of pine shelving to each other. You have some time while the glue is drying to move it around so we did. Glue each piece together, and then put the frame on top. While the glue is still drying we glued the frame to the tabletop and clamped them together. Always pushing the tabletop together. Because of the size of our table this was a two man job! Someone continuously keeping the tabletop tight while the other went around clamping the frame to the tabletop. Each seam on the table top had a clamp on the seam to hold it tight.

Once we had every clamp we own on there we went around the table top and wiped up the excess glue that squirted out. You can leave it and sand it off later – but it will stain differently. So it’s just easier to clean it up with a little water right away.

Now use wood screws to secure the table top to the frame. Screw from the frame to the table top. MAKE SURE THAT THE SCREWS WILL NOT GO THROUGH THE TOP!!! How sad would it be for you to go through all the effort and then have a screw tip pop through the top of your table. 😦 SO SAD!

Ana White has done up some beautiful plans for our table, you can find them on her site. Or if you want to look at a photo tutorial you can check out my Farmhouse Bench Tutorial which is all the same principles as the table – just different dimensions. Hopefully this helps you as you create our own tables. Send me links or pics of yours I’d love to see them!


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  1. Too bad! Would you ask him to “teach you.” Could be a fun way to spend some time together and if I can do it so can you!!


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