Newborn Snowflake Beanie: Free Pattern

Newborn Snowflake Beanie: Free Pattern

two tone knitting, knit, snowflake, newborn

I have fallen in love with two tone knitting, and I love knitting baby stuff. You make progress so quickly, and seeing it take shape feels so rewarding. I did this one and it ended up being a lot smaller than I expected. Its only going to be good for a newborn.

Here is what I did:

Cast on 100 stitches on size 1 double pointed needles and connect in the round. I did a k2 p2 rib stitch around the base. I switched to size 3 needles when I was ready to do the actual hat. The pattern below is the typical fair isle snowflake, its 20 stitches long. You can make the hat bigger just make sure you’re increasing in increments of 20 so the snowflake is a perfect fit. I put a stitch marker at each end of the snowflake. I used these for shaping the crown after as well.

Pattern, newborn, knit, beanie, two colour knitting

After the snowflake is all done, knit 2-3 rounds in the grey just stocking stitch. After you have a good space start to shape the crown. At each stitch marker k2tog until you only have 8 stitches left. At this point sew them together and weave in your tail.

In the end – I have a beautiful hat for the next babe! Lucky I did it in gender neutral yellow!

Happy knitting – Joy

two tone knitting, knit, snowflake, newborn

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