DIY Solid Wood Footboard

DIY Solid Wood Footboard

This is part 1 of a series of posts on creating my DIY bed. Find the home post here with links to the other elements of the bed. The first post on the footboard creation starts now!

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Photo credit to the wonderful Katie Marie at KMB Photography.

When we decided we were going to build a bed the first thing we did was build the foot board. Step 1. Determine how wide you want your footboard. How wide is your bed? This is SO important, if your bed doesn’t fit you are SOL. So make sure it’s right, double, triple check. We added probably too much, 3 extra inches to make sure the bed fit and to allow for easy sheet changes. In hindsight – its probably too much. But its certainly better than the alternative, not enough room for the mattress.

footboard 1

If you’ve looked at my Farmhouse table, bench, coffee table or console table you probably can quickly recognize that this is a similar design. We know that works and that its sturdy, so we went with the same method.

For this project we wanted a different look so we learnt how to use wood filler, and caulking and familiarized ourselves with furniture paint as an alternative to stain.
footboard 3I did a really bad job photographing the footboard creation process but as you can see from this more recent photo we put in 3 supports for the MDF backing. The four sections on the front are separated each by a piece of MDF, glued into place. I used a level to make sure that everything was straight before leaving it to set. The MDF should not be used for anything structural, a quick google will tell you that MDF cannot support its own weight.

Caulk before painting. I did it backwards (oops) but it still turned out, and I doubt that anyone except a professional would notice. The caulking will fill in any little gaps in the MDF, or anywhere something isn’t quite perfect.

From here we moved on to building the headboard frame. Find that post here.

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