DIY Stuffed Animal: Ellie the Elephant

DIY Stuffed Animal: Ellie the Elephant | leave it to Joy

I have advanced my stuffed animal repertoire! I started with Mr Owl last winter who looks VERY VERY homemade, and this year I made Ellie the Elephant. I might even make a few other animals before the season is over, I have a few pinterest ideas floating around.

I used this pattern from the Examiner. I wouldn’t recommend that pattern for a new sewer, or even someone with experience who doesn’t have patience. It’s SO TINY and I even expanded it over two pages! Next elephant I’ll do is this one from Stitch Craft Create, its a lot bigger and would be a lot easier to sew. Getting the soles of the feet on was a pain!

I was going to make the underbelly with leftover minky, but I forgot and cut it all out on the same fabric. No worries – it still looks adorable!

DIY Stuffed Animal: Ellie the Elephant | leave it to Joy

I almost quit when I was trying to turn the trunk right-side out, I took a break overnight and eventually used a chopstick. Also, the legs in the example are straight! I would have to tack mine in order to get them to stay vertical. I still think she looks cute, but definitely different than the expected end result. Not even sure how you could make her stand without tacking. Did I just over stuff the legs? No idea, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ellie cost me $0.00 CAD. The cotton fabric was leftover from my Gender Neutral Minky Quilt, and the stuffing was leftover from a pillow that is too flat to be a good cushion anymore.

DIY Stuffed Animal: Ellie the Elephant | leave it to Joy


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