Grandma’s Dishcloth: Learning What I Do Wrong Knitting

Grandma’s Dishcloth: Learning What I Do Wrong Knitting

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Well another first for me, my first dishcloth. I know it seems like a real rookie project, but I needed a break from the tiny yarn, and tiny needles that I’m using for my baby hats I’m producing for all the winter babes coming this Christmas.

I knit this off of two patterns, both are found on Ravelry for free. I made the mistake of not saving the first one I started from and I tricked myself and switched half way through with what I thought was the original pattern.

Pattern 1: Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth by Traditional Design

Pattern 2: Gramma’s Dishcloth by PJ Allen

They are practically identical. However, pattern 2 incorporates a new stitch I don’t know, the ssk. I get on the old YouTube and figure out how to ssk and get going. I seriously finish the whole thing and I’m so frustrated, HOW is this different than k2tog…

Well the personal knitting coach, Robyn at Unravelled sends me to a very helpful site which really let me compare the two stitches… you can find it here. Turns out, my k2tog WAS a ssk – without the moving stitches from needle to needle. I’ve been putting my needle in from the back all this time! Oy!

Robyn says not to worry, that everyone knits slightly different like handwriting. I am glad that I discovered this on a dishcloth and not 60 rows into a sweater or something that mattered. What do you knitters think? Does it matter (maybe not on a dishcloth)? I should still correct it, right?

— Joy

4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Dishcloth: Learning What I Do Wrong Knitting

    1. Well the easiest way to learn is to start doing a new project with 1 new stitch. That’s kinda how I did it. And now I continue to do that and keep surprising myself with how easy each thing is. Although, I will admit, I prefer smaller projects. I like to see progress. hah Thanks for stopping by – I’m gonna go check out your work!


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