Knit Baby Hat: First Hat!

Knit Baby Hat: First Hat!


It’s a baby hat, It’s adorable – I know! It was also quite a journey to get here, let me tell you how I made this easy pattern overly complicated, and almost quit.

You can find the free pattern on Ravelry here.

To start the pattern says “do whatever border you prefer” for the first few rows. It only ever done the k2 p2 rib stitch so I thought I’d stick to that. I get started and it looks brutal… it doesn’t look like anything. From what I can tell though I’m doing everything right. So, I send the below picture to my personal knitting coach Robyn at Unravelled who tells me to just keep going…

hat 3 rows inSo I do… and guess what?! I was doing it right… so I keep on going as the pattern instructs.
hat looks like something
I put in my first stripe, which was WAY easier than I thought. Basically, you just swap out the yarn at the start of a new round and keep on going.

NOW you knitting pros you’ll notice that at the top of this picture below I have a round of purls. I was following the pattern… I was hesitant but it said, Crown: Row 2, Purl… so I did, hesitantly of course. The more I thought about it the less sense it made. I was just about ready to rip the whole thing out and quit, when I thought I should inquire with my knitting coach. Who told me I actually made the pattern better, but also slightly trickier. This pattern was supposed to be knit flat, not in the round. (face palm) That purl round switch it to knit and TA DA its beautiful again.
hat pattern tricked me

Well it turned out super cute, I only had to rip out 2 rounds. Not too bad! I’m working on writing up a free pattern for this simple baby beanie in the round, based on the original pattern but with my accidental improvements. I’d like to thank my knitting coach for helping me knock this project out of the park. The baby on the receiving end thanks you too.hat with pompom2

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