DIY Foam Soap Refill for Pennies

DIY Foam Soap Refill for Pennies


I stumbled upon a Pinterest DIY probably 2 years ago about refilling your own foam soap containers with normal soap. Apparently this is something the frugal people before me have been doing for years. How did I not know it was so easy?! Well now that I have mastered the art of refilling my foam soap containers. Let me share with you. 

Step 1. Buy a normal soap refill, and a normal “disposable” foam soap dispenser (I got mine for 1.99 each from Shoppers Drug Mart). I’m sure pretty ones exist somewhere, but mine is boring.

Step 2. Fill empty foam soap dispenser about an inch, if normal size. The more soap you add the thicker your foam will be. You don’t want to have too much soap though, you need to dilute it or it will be too thick for the pump to handle.


Step 3. Add HOT water, lukewarm doesn’t dissolve the soap as well and you’ll end up with watery soap (done that!). soap2

Step 4. Shake until dissolved. soap1

Step 5. Use really cheap soap refills for a long long time. I’ve done this at least 5-6 times off that one $1.99 bottle. Next time I’ll keep track and see actually how many refills I can do for $1.99. 😊

Do it! You won’t regret it. Joy 🙂


5 thoughts on “DIY Foam Soap Refill for Pennies

  1. Love! I’ll have to try that! I actually have a pretty glass bottle in the kitchen and I pour dish washing liquid in there and I dilute it… because I’m cheap and that cuts the cost down, and I’m impatient, and hate waiting for the thicker liquid to traverse the bottle, when it’s thinned out the soap comes right out! 🙂

    And, I love foaming soap already because you use less when it foam than a non-foaming product!

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