Wedding Dress Fiasco

ordered vs recieved

If you know any one thing about me, you’d probably know I’m a pretty frugal. I am cost aware and I always try to make decisions with that in mind. Now when it came to my nuptials the story was quite the same.  We did a destination wedding and I found a dress I loved on Pinterest! I found a dress shop that could order it in for me for about $400. They didn’t have it in stock and since I was just going to trust them I thought I could just order it myself from a distributor online and save myself half the price!! So I did, I ordered my dress from what seemed like a reputable site, good product review, a decent but understandable return policy, and again the price. Well buyer beware… was  not  what I expected.

I have had a terrible time with FancyLadies an absolutely horrible experience. I ordered from the site expecting to get what was photographed… is that not reasonable? No where on the site could I find  any reference but during my communications with customer service I was informed that they actually make their dresses to 95% likeness to the photographs. I was horrified when I received my wedding dress as a bride with a short engagement.

First issue, that unless your monitor is from 1995 you’ll notice right away, IT WAS YELLOW! A wedding dress symbolizes purity and I cannot and did not wear a yellow dress in front of my family on my wedding day. The customer service girl (Jessie) insisted that it was the correct colour (ivory) although I am certain that I received it in a shade called “21” on their website. A pale but distinct YELLOW.

Second problem – It looked NOTHING like the photograph. The feather lace is now floral, the sequins are some how kidish beads. I immediately emailed customer service and told them they sent me the wrong dress. Which would be the only logical conclusion right? This must have been someone else’s order. They requested photographic evidence, I sent them a plethora of photos to which the response was “you look so beautiful on it”. Nothing about the variances. Only after I pushed was I informed that they only made their work at a 95% likeness.

We emailed daily for a month trying to come to a resolution, at which point they told me they would only refund me half the cost of the dress unless I shipped it to them. The return shipping for me was $150! I asked them to get me their shipping rate and they refused.  When I ordered the dress I only paid $20 for shipping. I asked them to half the shipping expenses with me and they refused.

I paid over $250 dollars for this yellow monstrosity when you include shipping, customs and the dress itself and I still needed a dress. All said and done I got a $80 dollar refund and some $5 off coupons for their website – which I let expire without using.  I ended up spending $700 on the new dress, should have ordered it from the original dress store. Ah hindsight.


7 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Fiasco

  1. That’s so terrible!! I’ve read so many stories about Chinese manufacturing sites that sell clothing for cheap and it’s nothing like it’s supposed to be. That’s so terrible!

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    • Well I’ll take a wedding dress mistake over family drama any day! My parents were actually really sweet about it, “you tried to save us some money and that was really kind.”


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