DIY Gallery Wall Tutorial

DIY Gallery Wall Tutorial

Gallery Wall, frame, picture wall, DIY, Stairs Decor, White, Wall of Fame, Family pictures

I’ve been planning on doing this for a year and it’s finally done, and doesn’t it look amazing! The hardest part was collecting frames. I didn’t want to spend $200 on a gallery wall (which could have easily happened when you’re spending $10 on each frame).  Here is how I built my Wall o’ Fame for about $40 dollars Canadian. 

What I needed:

  • Matte Spray Paint
  • 22 frames
  • 22 sets of 3M velcros
  • scrap paper
  • painters tape (to hang templates)
  • duct tape

Step1. Collect frames. I had a general rule, nothing over $3. As you can imagine that was quite limiting. Most of what I bought were wooden frames that I then painted. The Dollarama became a frequent stop, because I was picky and I didn’t want to just buy what they had at the moment. I only bought the nicest ones they had. I also re-purposed a few large frames that I had, one was even a collage frame that I altered into a single 8×10 frame with a matte, FRUGAL!!

STYLE TIP: My personal preference is that Gallery Walls look a lot better with many many smaller pictures than they do with a few large ones. I picked 3 – 8×10’s that are from our highest moments as a family, and I’ll swap them out as we go along with life.

Step2. Paint them all! Buy a matte spray paint.

TIP: Don’t forget to paint the inner edges. When you’re painting they are easy to miss and they look atrocious once on the wall.

Step3. Remove all the frame stand things, that will prevent you from getting the frame on the wall. After I removed them I used duct tape to cover any holes or sharp points so my wall doesn’t get scratched. 

Step4. Create a template for each frame, cut each one out to the size of the FRAME (not the size of the PHOTO).  Label each template with the direction the photo goes, and a short description.

Step5. Hang your templates on the wall. This will give you a sense of what it will look like, what kind of gaps you want to have. Leave the templates on the wall at least an hour. Walk away, come back… look at them with fresh eyes.  Also look for “do I have too many of x together.” I had some very similar ones grouped together which I was then able to move around.

Step6. Start putting up your frames. I chose to use 3M velcros so that I can remove the frames easily, and replace the pictures. As time goes on we’ll want to swap out some of them for new ones. I do also have space where I can still add a few more frames, eventually this thing may become a 30 frame wall! While you’re hanging them be sure to use a level. If you don’t your beautiful gallery wall can easily become a hack job.

Gallery Wall, frame, picture wall, DIY, Stairs Decor, White, Wall of Fame, Family picturesThe moment of truth, Cost Break Down:

  • Re-purposed frames: 5 – FREE
  • 12 $2.00 frames from dollarama
  • 2 $1.00 frames from dollarama
  • 2 $3.00 frames from Home Outfitters
  • 1 $3.00 frame from Target
  • spray paint $5.0

Hope you enJOY and are inspired. Have you done a gallery wall? share a link with me to your post. I’d love to see it! 🙂

5 thoughts on “DIY Gallery Wall Tutorial

    1. I like yours too Kate! Before this gallery wall i embarrassingly had ZERO pictures in my house. This has made it feel a little more homey.


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