I Had a Dream: Girl I Used to Know

The street is asleep, no vehicles, no exterior lights, only a flickering faint glow from one of the street lights. I’m walking outside a few houses down from my house. I’m wearing a light weight winter coat it feels like spring is on its way. My face is warm, without a scarf, my hands aren’t chilled and they wear no gloves. The ground is covered with snow, sporting a hard icy shell from melting and freezing a few times.

I’m not alone, someone walks silently next to me. We are headed somewhere in the middle of the darkness together, I am uncertain where; but we have purpose.

In one of the ice cavities snuggled right up to the ice we walk past a frozen green blob, a towel which appears to have been soaking wet before it was thrown outside. The fibers on the towel have become protective spikes of snow and ice guarding their contents. I groan to myself about people’s disregard for the neighborhood and their willingness to abandon just about anything on the street. We get several feet from the towel and I realize I saw more than a towel. I turn back and sure enough there is a human head at the top of the towel. The long stringy blonde hair covered in ice crystals and remarkably close to the colour of the towel.

I kneel at the body I now can see shivering. I know no fear. I push away some of the hair, and instantly my heart warms, “Melanie” I whisper. Her frozen eyelashes flutter as I awaken the sleeping beauty. She smiles slightly and some dirt from her rosy cheeks recess into a cute chubby little dimple, she remembers me.

“You must be freezing, walk down this street to my house. Go inside and warm up. I’ll tell you the code to get in,” she looks at me, distressed. “There is a spare room upstairs, I haven’t put sheets on the bed, but its dry and warm, and there are plenty of blankets you can wrap yourself in.”

She smiles – as if to say thank you. I lean into her ear and whisper a series of numbers, so some onlookers who have gathered won’t hear. She nods,  mouths them to herself as she walks towards the house I pointed to.  I turn around to find my walking partner disgusted.  I lift my chin up, and walk on.

Give me Your eyes for just one second 
Give me Your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me Your love for humanity
Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted
The ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten
Give me Your eyes so I can see

-Brandon Heath Give Me Your Eyes

This dream reminded me that there are people in need all around us, and that we can always do something.


6 thoughts on “I Had a Dream: Girl I Used to Know

  1. I agree that one only need to look to really see…I believe if more kindness and compassion was to be had, this world would be a more wondrous place to live. Plus it helps our spirit grow to help others whether it be a meal, or a pair of socks, or a hug, or just be that person that listens to them. Great post!❀


    • Thanks Koko. I honestly haven’t done much since the dream except filling up a bag for the foodbank. I’m sure part of it is I’m not actively seeking those in need in my neighbourhood. I need to get better at that. Thanks for stopping by.

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