Valentine’s from your Father?

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I’ve been married for a year now and my dad is still sending me Valentine’s Day flowers (or in this instance, a GC to a grocer to go buy some flowers).  I’d been with my husband for 4.5  years already and each year it got a little weirder and weirder as my dad continued to send me flowers on V-Day. I always thought when we got married he’d stop sending them, but I have officially been proven wrong.

I know he’s just trying to be thoughtful, but Valentine’s Day? It’s supposed to be a romantic holiday for lovers, and its starting to weird me out. Am I being a  bad daughter for allowing it to weird me out?

I would much rather it stop. Perhaps I am not the only one (which is how it feels right now). Did any of you ladies in relationships get valentines from your Fathers?

Tell me if how I feel is appropriate, or if I need to check myself.


9 thoughts on “Valentine’s from your Father?

  1. Your feelings are your feelings and they are valid. Maybe sending you flowers is his love language. The older I get, the more I indulge my parents because a few of my friend’s parents have passed. I realize time isn’t as long as I once thought. If it really bugs you and you can’t stand it, perhaps you could mention it. Otherwise, why risk hurting his feelings? Just my 2 cents 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. You gave me something to think about.


    • I know you’re right. And I just think it’s kinda weird. I won’t say anything, because it would probably crush his feelings and he would ignore what I’m saying anyway. Maybe when there are lots of grand babies (right now there are none) he’ll send them things instead.

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  2. Hey hey boo boo!

    As a person who has never received anything from a significant other for Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter), I’m grateful for the fact that my dad sometimes takes the time to buy me flowers or chocolates. He doesn’t do it every year and I think that he’s had to adjust to my hatred of flowers (because they die and I can’t eat them) as I’ve gotten older. Regardless, last year he sent me an entire bouquet for my birthday when I was in Fredericton and it was one of the nicest things that I have ever gotten. Valentine’s Day holds absolutely no romantic association for me because I have never done anything romantic in my almost 26 years so dad buying me stuff on that day isn’t remotely romantic for me. I guess it remains to be seen whether he’ll still give me things when I do have a significant other, but when he gave me my first bouquet for my 15th birthday, he told me that he wanted everyone to know that he got me flowers first. I wouldn’t put it past him because I was his daughter first lol. He’s very particular on this point haha. Personally, I think your dad getting you flowers is adorable, but I’ve always been a softie for that Ol’ Cowboy. I say, thank your papa for being a dear 😀 I hope your husband is as much of a softie with your daughter(s)!


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Beatriz, I love how you refer to my dad as an “Ol’ Cowboy” it would “tickle him pink” to hear that someone refereed to him as such.


  3. I was broken hearted when I stopped getting chocolates from my dad on Valentine’s Day. But, it’s never been a “romantic” holiday in our house, it’s just been a special day to show love. Now, it’s random, but sometimes dad stops by with chocolates for me, so every couple of years I get my fix! I think it’s sweet that your dad still thinks of you and gets you flowers – what a sweet way to brighten the house! And, then it means your hubby can skip the flowers and get you something you really want!

    And… for the record, I plan to get my son a Valentine’s gift until forever! 🙂


  4. You need to check yourself. It sounds like you’re being ungrateful and a brat when all your Dad is doing is trying to show you that he loves you. I, personally, wish that my dad could be as thoughtful as yours. Don’t you want your husband to be as affectionate with his daughter? Do you want your husband to stop showing affection to your kids when they grow up? I think its important as a parent to foster a healthy, loving, affectionate relationship with your kids throughout their ENTIRE life.


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