My Breakfast Shake “Recipe”

My Breakfast Shake “Recipe”

I was recently trying to describe the basics of my breakfast shake to a friend and I realized its more complicated than I thought. I have gotten so used to it since I’ve been making it every morning for the last 3 or 4 years. So the easiest way for me to share it with her, is to also share it with you!

I usually make a shake for my husband and I to share the descriptions below will make you a decent sized shake.

The Foundation, every shake includes the following:

  • 4 scoops of oatmeal – a scoop is approx  1/3 of a cup
  • 1 scoop whey protein
  • 1 Banana (NOT brown*)
  • Steeped and chilled Green Tea**
  • an Orange ***
  • Spinach or Kale (something leafy)
  • Ice


  • Add a heaping tbsp of Peanut/ Almond Butter for a nutty undertone
  • Berries – usually frozen, I only do berries when I have picked them or have them leftover
  • Half an Apple – usually just when I need to use it up, or I’m out of bananas or something
  • Pineapple – again when I am using it up, I always save pineapple juice, its a great addition to a shake
  • Parsley / Cilantro – usually I only do this when I am out of Spinach or Kale and I already have these greens. They are VERY powerful and completely take over the flavour, if you don’t like cilantro you will not want to add it to your drink

*Why no brown bananas? When a banana browns an internal transformation is occurring and the banana is breaking down into bad sugars, its great for desserts or treats but you do not want to over indulge in brown bananas. I still use them if they are slightly specked, but I do not use frozen or very brown bananas.

**Why chilled Green Tea? Well folks, the internet says Green Tea will speed up your metabolism, and since everything on the internet is true…. Just Kidding. Tea is one of the 5 things on Dr Oz’s B.I.T.E.S List and this is the only way i get the husband consuming tea. It has a very subtle flavour I can’t even notice it. Check out Dr.Oz’s B.I.T.E.S here.

***We used to always by orange juice, and we thought as long as we were buying something “not from concentrate” that we were doing okay. However, CBC’s MarketPlace recently aired an episode on additives to natural orange juice and we have switched to oranges. Check out the MarketPlace episode here.

Hope you like it, if anything else is unclear please leave me a comment and I’ll happily clarify anything else for you.

Happy Shaking! – Joy

5 thoughts on “My Breakfast Shake “Recipe”

    1. Yup, the 5 minute Quaker oatmeal. It helps keep me full longer and has natural protein and fibre. 😊 without them I’m hungry in an hour or so.


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