DIY Wallpaper Tips & Tricks No One Told You

DIY Wallpaper Tips & Tricks No One Told You


DIY Wallpaper Tips & Tricks no one told you | leave it to Joy

We decided shortly after moving in to our house that a little wall in our dining area would be perfect for a trendy accent wallpaper. So the research began! Unfortunately we had to learn a few things from our own experience as the internet & our friends didn’t mention a few of these. It really did turn out amazingly well! I love it, it really compliments our rustic Farmhouse Dining Table which is a DIY for only $200! Check out the post here.

  1. Wallpaper is VERY Expensive! We went to a local paint / decor store and picked some paper out. It’s $80 a roll and you need just over 2 rolls, but you have to order in groups of two. All of the sudden our tiny accent wall is going to cost $320 for JUST the wallpaper. So, we left. Instead of doing that we went around to department stores and found some stocked at Home Depot it cost $35 for a double roll. We still bought 2 rolls but with all of our supplies we only spent $100 (Much better!) and we still have a good chunk of the second roll left over.
  2. Paste the Wall is the best. There are a few different types of wallpaper and if you get to pick – you definitely want Paste the Wall. There is minimal mess,  and almost no clean up. Any clean up you do have is very easy, the paste we bought was water soluble and I would highly recommend it.
  3. Plan your strips. Before you start measure your space and calculate how many strips of your roll you’ll use. Make sure you don’t have a little 1 inch space at the end like I did (it SUCKS). It would have been much easier if I’d had 2 medium strips on either side. It will use more paper but it’ll save you a lot of head ache.
  4. You need lots of paste. When Pasting your Wall don’t be scared to over paste the edges of the strip – the edges will dry quicker and that extra paste will help connect the edges seamlessly.
  5. Use an Edge Roller. But only roll seems. If you roll when there aren’t 2 pieces of wallpaper up together you’ll end up with a visible seem, you want to squish them together.
  6. Don’t sweat the small-ish bubbles. Even the ones the size of a quarter will disappear after a few days.
  7. Sweat the seams! They get more noticeable once the wallpaper dries and I may be crazy but I think one of my seams slightly separated. It might also be the way the light hits the wall and catches on the seam.

I hope this is helpful!  – Joy

6 thoughts on “DIY Wallpaper Tips & Tricks No One Told You

  1. I have an accent wall in my bathroom that is a dark purple, and a few years ago I actually wanted to put up wall paper for a big POP, and everyone talked me out of it!! I think that I might just repaint my bathroom (again) and put up wall paper now! 🙂


    1. Thank you Robyn. We were originally thinking grey wallpaper, but this is so nice I can’t believe we originally over looked it.


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