DIY Starfish Framed Mirrors $20 CAD

DIY Starfish Framed Mirrors $20 CAD

Starfish, Pallet wood, DIY, Mirror, frame, pallet frame, wall artThis summer while I was learning how to use my Kreg Jig I made several frames out of some scrap pallets that were lying around. I knew I wanted to DIY some wall art. I originally wanted to put the starfish inside the frame but my centre hole was too small (poor planning on my part). However, I really like how they turned out! Find my Kreg Jig Tutorial here.

DIY Starfish Framed Mirrors $20 CAD | leave it to Joy

This DIY spend a lot of time pending as I could not find light weight locker mirrors anywhere that were the right size. I found a large mirror at Wal-Mart that I thought was plastic. I figured I could Hackzall the plastic into pieces that would fit into my frames. Well – turns out it was not plastic, and that the glass just cracked and shattered. Luckily I had two “shards” that were big enough to fit into my frames. I’m sure everyone on earth would have cringed and shuddered when the saw how I did that. There is specific glass adhesive, I used a lot of hot glue, and because I had sharp edges on the glass I covered them all with duct tape so that they wouldn’t cut anyone or scratch my paint.

I wanted to hang them with 3M Velcro because they are very easy to use, allows me to move them around without a lot of hassle, and most importantly they let the frames lay flat. I have a white board on a door that I used 3 velcro strips to ensure it is VERY secure. I only used 1 velcro for each of these frames.  Since the mirror was on the back I needed to raise my velcro so that it would lay flat – I used a chunk of a paint stir stick!

Cost breakdown:

  • Frames: Free pallet wood, re-purposed old pallet screws
  • Mirror: $9 CAD
  • Starfish: $6 CAD ea (purchased at Michael’s – could have used a 50% off coupon!)
  • Paint Sticks: Free

Total Cost: $21 CAD

I hope you like my project! I still have a few more frames that I’m going to have to think of something else to create. Let me know if you have any ideas! I’d love to see them.


6 thoughts on “DIY Starfish Framed Mirrors $20 CAD

      1. Hmmmm… One thing I love to use is burlap. You could attach hand made burlap flowers, similar to your starfish.

        Another idea is to hang them using a rope, (with one end at each upper corner) for sort of a ‘nautical’ look… hopefully that makes sense. 🙂


      2. Good ideas! That made me think I should use one to make a new spring wreath! Brilliant! And burlap flowers, also brilliant! Thank you!


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