DIY Patchy Minky Stuffed Owl

DIY Patchy Minky Stuffed Owl

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I’ve been saving the post on this guy for a little while, because he goes with my Gender Neutral Minky Baby Quilt which was a Christmas gift for my little niece or nephew who will be arriving in the spring. (I really wanted the element of surprise!)

Patchy Minky Stuffed Owl | leave it to JoyI used scraps from my quilt and household objects to develop a little pattern. When I first sewed him up he was very long, and looked really awkward.  I took a few inches off his bottom and he looks much better.

Patchy Minky Stuffed Owl | leave it to Joy

The only thing about Mr. Owl is that he looked a lot better pre-stuffing… Next time, I’d like to make him wider, maybe even round. I’d also stuff his belly so it sticks out a little more. I don’t think he looks bad – but he definitely looks home-made. 

Let me know how you’d make him better next time. – Joy

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