You, Too, Could Probably Knit Something: Long-Tail Cast-On Tutorial

What a great tutorial! Thanks Robyn, I definitely need to try this.


Thinking about taking up knitting? For fuck’s sake, don’t do it.

Knitting sucks. It’s tedious and mind-numbingly repetitive, and takes for-effing-ever to make even the tiniest baby garment. Additionally, there is absolutely no economic advantage to knitting. Seriously, I’m fairly confident that if I took up crack cocaine I’d be out roughly the same amount of money. And I’d be thinner.

From what I understand, knitting seems to be like raising children: Really enjoyable if you’re already obligated to do it, but you’re probably better off not starting in the first place.

Go find another craft. Turn back, if it’s not too late.

The problem with knitting is that, not unlike crack cocaine, it is addictive. The tedium of “knit one, purl two” quickly becomes a comforting, almost religious mantra. You pay a fortune for supplies, give up all your spare time, and usually unravel it 4 or 5 times…

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