My anti-Santa Christmas

Christmas Word Wall | leave it to Joy

There is no Santa in my Christmas. I am a real life not crazy Christian traditionalist. I also grew up without Santa  (when asked my parents said they didn’t want to lie to us kids). I may be partial to the whole thing since I grew up just fine without Santa, but I am also sick with how EVERY HOLIDAY has become completely commercialized.

I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find some way to bring Christ back into Christmas. I usually insist on going to the Christmas Eve Service, if you don’t how is this any different than any other day? How is this gathering different than any other? but this year we are hosting Christmas Eve so I can’t go (our church’s service is at 6.30 so its right in the middle of the festivities).

The stuff I found doing an online search for “keeping Christ in Christmas” are seem pretty basic (imo) or too juvenile for my adult audience. I’m in a tight spot.  The top 5 things you’ll find in every other blog are:

  1. Decorate with a nativity scene
  2. Go to a service
  3. Do a Jesse Wreath (the advent wreath)
  4. Sing Traditional Christmas Carols
  5. Write something to Jesus

My 30 somethings are not going to sing Christmas Carols and they are not going to write a thank you letter to Jesus. These things are great if you have kids but just not for my adult only audience.

This is what I have come up with instead. I found this pretty short (3.45 min) video on YouTube that I’ll make everyone watch. It’s got some great basics in it and it clarifies facts what has become the current Christmas story vs the original.

I also thought about making a Family Feud game that includes some “the Real Christmas Story” questions:

  1. Name something that would be at the top of a woman’s wish list
  2. Name something associated with the Christmas movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  3. Name someone who was in attendance at the birth of Jesus
  4. Name something that is a Christmas symbol
  5. Name a tradition that makes it feel like Christmas
  6. Name something you eat during Christmas
  7. Name a biblical event that lead up to the first Christmas

Do you have any suggestions or traditions that your family does that would work for my 30 somethings? Or some additional questions that I can add to my family feud game.

Thanks – Merry Christmas – Joy


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